The European Union has started a 10-year initiative to invest $150 billion into clean hydrogen programs in the region. The fact is that the demand for zero emission technology is outpacing supply as current technology is inadequate to meet market needs. Because of this, a company called Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is developing a working prototype of a 4kW hydrogen fuel cell system design and plans to make them available for purchase in 2024.

Hydrogen fuel cells, like ones being developed by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power, can provide backup power when the electric grid goes down or serve as a replacement for it during peak hours. The electrical grid connection can also be replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell entirely. Alkaline fuel cell technology used by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power uses a chemical process rather than burning fuel. This results in virtually zero pollution in comparison to its counterparts that use combustion. This is the prime advantage of hydrogen fuel cells, as hydrogen is one of the best ways to store renewable energy.

What makes Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s fuel cells different is that they are to be used primarily in residential and small to medium commercial applications. Fuel cell use in these markets previously was not feasible. This is accomplished by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s design using mostly common, accessible materials like plastic, nickel, and graphite to drive the end-cost for the consumers down. The hydrogen adoption is currently low, but world governments have big plans for it as a greener energy source. Clean energy has become a critical concern in Europe. Legislation and capital providers are demanding action.

By the year 2050 hydrogen could make up nearly a quarter of the world’s energy demand. It is predicted that the price of green hydrogen will fall by half in the US and Europe by 2050. Residential prices are continuously rising in the US; by 2031 it is projected that they will go up by nearly 17%. There is an increasing consumer demand for clean energy solutions that Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s products are designed to fill.