As seniors approach retirement age, their healthcare and wellness become increasingly important. Many seniors opt for Medicare Advantage plans to cover their health and wellness needs, and in the year 2024, Humana will be offering even more special benefits and extra offerings to their members. In this article, we will explore the various extra benefits Humana Medicare Advantage plans 2024  has in store, and how they can provide seniors with the care they need to lead happy and healthy lives.

More Comprehensive Dental and Vision Coverage – Humana Medicare Advantage members will receive more comprehensive dental and vision coverage in 2024. They will have access to preventive services such as exams, cleanings, and fillings. Additionally, members will also receive a new hearing aid benefit that offers coverage for the cost of hearing aids as well as hearing tests. The home health benefits will also be expanded, helping to cover the costs of certain in-home services such as personal care services, housekeeping, and meal delivery.

Fitness Programs and Gym Memberships – Humana Medicare Advantage members will also have access to fitness programs and gym memberships in 2024. The SilverSneakers® program is specifically designed for seniors and provides access to more than 16,000 participating fitness centers across the country. Members can also participate in online classes, allowing them to stay fit and healthy whenever and wherever they want.

Mental Health and Wellness Programs – Mental health is just as important as physical health, and Humana Medicare Advantage recognizes that. Members will have access to mental health and wellness programs designed to help them manage conditions such as depression and anxiety. They will also have access to virtual visits with mental health professionals, making it convenient to receive care even from the comfort of their own homes.

Transportation Benefits – Transportation to and from medical appointments is often a challenge for seniors, especially those who live in rural areas. In 2024, Humana Medicare Advantage members will have access to transportation benefits allowing them to travel to medical appointments and pharmacies, with subsidized rates. This will help ease the burden of medical transportation and make it easier for seniors to get the care they need.

Telehealth Services – Telehealth services have become more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Humana Medicare Advantage recognizes this. Members will have access to telehealth services for medical consultations, virtual check-ins, and urgent care. This extra benefit will provide members with an alternative to in-person visits and give them more options for their healthcare needs.

Conclusion: Humana Medicare Advantage 2024 will offer many new extra benefits and special offerings for its members. Seniors will be able to access more comprehensive dental and vision coverage, fitness programs, mental health and wellness programs, transportation benefits, and telehealth services. These benefits will help to ensure that seniors have access to the care they need to lead happy and healthy lives. If you are a senior considering a Medicare Advantage plan, be sure to look into the benefits that Humana Medicare Advantage has to offer.