Imagine you’re going to launch a brandname but it is still within the pre-launch phase. To pre-blog or otherwise to pre-blog…thatrrrs the true question. In the event you blog prior to the site fully launches or in the event you attempt to build momentum in advance. There aren’t any solid rules with regards to campaign launches.

Everything depends upon the specifics: the company, the prospective consumer audience, the competitive position, and also the bigger online marketing strategy. In most cases, brand-new brands should not blog prior to the launch but there are many cases when it may be useful.

A current example is Bing. Bing really missed the large launch chance your clients’ needs the launch prior to the product was live. Users visited the website looking to make use of the product and find out the main difference first hands. Rather, there is merely a video ad and a few copy. When Bing finally launched, the merchandise experience unsuccessful to provide around the brand promise. Bing’s launch mistakes were not about blogging by itself, these were essentially proper mistakes. Blogging, is nearly always a way to deliver against a method.

Therefore the first questions are, who’s your audience, what’s your strategy, after which…is allocating sources (time, money, etc) to blogging more prone to work than alternative possibilities?

For those who have considerable time before your pre-launch and you need to start generating buzz, however, you don’t fully realize how social networking or Search engine optimization works, you might be best exploring alternative guerrilla marketing possibilities.