Trend #1 Fighting for Attention

The typical consumer is bombarded using more than 4,000 commercial messages each day. Which number is even Greater for business proprietors.

Attention is just about the scarce resource from the information economy. The advertising and knowledge clutter only worsens with regards to your email In-box, with numerous hrs wasted with junk e-mail.

Increasingly more are joining the “Don’t Call” registry and lots of individuals are purchasing ad blocking technologies. Consumers feel they’re constantly bombarded with an excessive amount of advertising.

Trend #2 Customers Departing You for Perceived Indifference

Why customers make you…

1% Dying 3% Move 5% Purchase from a buddy 9% Offered with a Competitor 14% Product Cost

68% Perceived Indifference

Major global corporations now lose, and should replace, HALF their clients every 5 years. An average company’s customers leave for a price of 10 % to 30 % each year, which number GROWS yearly.

“A lot of companies spend their hard-earned sales and marketing effort trying to attract elusive new clients once they most likely have the majority of the business they’ll ever need located on their database.” – Jay Abraham

An average business listens to from no more than 5% of their unsatisfied customers. Fully 95% just leave most won’t ever return.

60%-70% from the customers who complain for you will work with you again should you resolve their problem. When they feel you acted rapidly and also to their satisfaction, as much as 96% will work with you again, and they’ll most likely refer others for you.

Should you perform a congrats your clients will inform 2 people about this, where just like you dissatisfy a person they’ll tell 22 people about this.

It is 5 to 6 occasions just as much to obtain a new (very first time) customer because it gives have a current one, also it takes 12 positive service occurrences to compensate for one negative incident.